Just Press Record

Just Press Record

By Open Planet Software

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2015-04-03
  • Current Version: 1.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 2.74 MB
  • Developer: Open Planet Software
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.12 or later.
Score: 3.5
From 43 Ratings


Just Press Record is a simple, professional audio recorder that instantly syncs your recordings across all your devices. The ideal tool for musicians, journalists, podcasters, students, lecturers, audio professionals, businesses or anyone who needs to capture audio at home, on the move or in the studio. ** JUST PRESS RECORD FOR iOS IS AVAILABLE AS A SEPARATE PURCHASE ON THE APP STORE ** A NOTE TO OUR iOS USERS: You can view and edit your transcriptions from the iOS app in Just Press Record for Mac. The Mac app does not generate transcriptions itself. FEATURES: MULTIPLE DEVICES Play back and record on all your iOS devices, your Apple Watch and your Mac – giving you ultimate flexibility on how you use your recordings. Just Press Record for iOS / watchOS is a separate purchase available from the iOS App Store. iCLOUD OR LOCAL STORAGE Choose to save your recordings in a local folder on your Mac or in iCloud Drive for instant access from your other devices. EASY INTERFACE See everything at a glance including the current input device and a level meter so you can start recording straight away. The Just Press Record icon in the Menu Bar at the top of the screen is ideal for when you need to kick off a recording quickly. We've also added support for the Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro and support for Dark Mode in macOS Mojave. INPUT SELECTION Use your Mac's built-in microphone or an external audio interface or USB microphone. Record in stereo or mono - ideal for voice recordings. QUICK MUTE Press and hold the M key during a recording and your microphone will be silenced. As soon as you release the M key your mic will be live again. Perfect for when you need to cough! UNLIMITED RECORDING TIME With unlimited recording time you can record just about anything, so long as you have enough storage on your Mac or iCloud! FILE MANAGEMENT Files are saved by date and time and can be easily renamed and arranged in Finder so you can locate your files easily. FILE FORMAT Recordings can be saved to uncompressed AIFF or WAV files for maximum quality or to iTunes AAC format to save space.



  • Helpful for organizing groups of recordings.

    By John Corso
    Also, you can use more sophisticated transcription software on these files. And besides, it's just $5. Support the Mac: send this excellent developer a few bucks, ya cheapskates.
  • Less buggy then voice memos.. but it needs more features

    By hub55555
    I'm fine with the product for the most part. Not that the bar was set very high considering how bad voice memos is. This desperately needs 10/15 second rewind and forward buttons. This is a standard in audio and video today, I'm honestly surprised its not included. If it had this I would probably give it an additional star. Get on this dev team!
  • Great app and support

    By Poor Jett
    I bought this app because it said it would work as a complication on my new iWatch. It didn't. I contacted support and got a response overnight. The problem was resolved and this app works on my desktop, phone, iPad and iWatch.
  • Horrible!

    The desktop version will not transcribe, so what's the point?? I can easily record on my desktop without this app. I want my money back! You have to use your iOS version to transcribe, and it doesn't work that well.
  • Basic functions

    By Varin57
    Until apple opens up the api for siri on the mac I guess we're stuck with ios transcription. I haven't tried it yet but I'm hoping with a better microphone, the transcriptions might actually reflect the recordings. Issues I've had so far, I didn't see an undo button which stinks if you type something by accident. Also, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, build in dropbox support instead of just icloud. I have no desire to subscribe to yet another service. I have the space on my dropbox but icloud will just get eaten away since apple only gives 5gb per account instead of device. Definately discourages buying multiple devices. It's not the best app on mac or ios but it's also one of the only ones like this. update: things to change/enhance as I come across them: 1. Dropbox support so I don't have to pay the crazy apple cloud prices. It should be 5gb per device not account. 2. When I select the recording and open in the app, I would like to be able to resize the window.
  • Playback interface is pretty poor

    By MikeSooch
    I’m a journalist who uses recording apps a lot and saw good ratings for the iOS and Watch versions, and it indeed works well on those devices. I was hoping, however, that the Mac OS version would allow me to access my recordings for my own transcription (so far the transcription function on the iOS version has been mediocre at best). It’s a lot easier to transcribe using a Mac OS interface than having to repeatedly reach for the iPhone. The problem is, the playback interface on the Mac is nearly worthless for me. There’s a play/pause button, but nothing else. At least the iOS version has 10-seconds-forward and 10-second-reverse buttons, which are invaluable for transcribing my own recordings. It appears that the design of the Mac version is geared more for the recording side than the playback side. I’m sure I can find a method of playback that gives me the functionality I need, but it’s too bad that the actual app doesn’t have that.
  • Just Use Finder

    By iUseiReview
    First, the iOS version of this app is great, go buy it. I recently started using the iOS version, and bought this thinking it would be useful for reviewing my recordings on the Mac. However all the app does is gives you a link to open the recordings in finder (Hint: you can just do this in finder without spending $5 on this). I feel ripped off - the developer really needs to add some functionality to the Mac version
  • I love it! No bells, no whistles, it just works.

    By VicariousGenius
    If you want to open a cold beer, do you unbox an electric, all in one, toaster oven, breadmaking, salad spinning, bottle opening device that ends up being stored in the back of the undersink cupboard behind the toilet plunger, ant spray, and Green Garden plant food supplement? NO, you either bare hand it, manly man style or grab that “churchkey” bottle-opener that you always keep in the right-front-corner of the kitchen utensil drawer or use the magnetized one that you keep glued to the front of your tail-gater ice-chest. This APP has a Zen-like bare-bones interface that hangs around unobtrusively, but is never lost among the clutter of all the other APP’s you have a habit of keeping open – the big red “Press Record” button is always easy to spot. Once the APP is in the foreground (focused), you can either click the big red button OR for you keyboard-centric power-users just use the spacebar to start or end a recording. The files are conveniently nested in folders numerically date-named in sortable order (yyyy-mm-dd) and the recordings files are named in sortable 24 hour hh-mm-ss signature. Its then very easy to append a hyphen followed by your own brief file-naming convention. It works from the Mac, the iPhone, iPad, and even standalone on the Apple Watch. Interestingly, if you’re on a cell call you can speakerphone it and record the conversation from the watch at the same time . Thats a big feature for me so I don’t have to scramble to find something to make notes with and on - - - I just let my caller know that I’m recording the call so I can pay more attention to the conversation itself of the process of taking notes. The transcription feature is nice as well, though I haven’t reay used it much.It is like the transcription of your voicemail, so to the extent that it can distinguish between voices and background sounds it can be a plus. All in all, its a solid but very simple APP that works and doesn’t get in the way. I do wish that the developer would make a few more preferences available, like designing the formating the file naming. . I use this APP at least 5 times a day, whether from my MacBook, iPhone or iWatch. Thanks Open Planet!
  • love this app

    By AppClarity
    One of my most used apps on the Apple Watch. Thanks for the great update! But am I missing something ... can't see where to see or edit transcriptions on the Mac, and support page doesn't have any info.
  • only worthwhile if you have the iOS app

    By Ignatius_J_Reilly
    If you’re already using the iOS app, this could be a useful companion app because it lets you see and edit the transcripts the iOS version creates. If you’re NOT using the iOS version, skip this. It leaves out the one feature that sets the iOS version apart: voice-to-text transcription. So you might as well use QuickTime Player in that case, which is pre-installed and can make a recording just as easily.