Highrise - Virtual World

Highrise - Virtual World

By PocketzWorld Inc.

  • Category: Social Networking
  • Release Date: 2015-11-19
  • Current Version: 2.5.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 164.02 MB
  • Developer: PocketzWorld Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 4
From 9,366 Ratings


Highrise is way more than just a social network. It's the easiest way to create your avatar identity, make new best friends, stay in the loop, and explore a magical virtual world - all on your phone. • Create an avatar with our avatar creator and pick from 1000s of outfits and items • Share your #mood and follow others in the Highrise News Feed • Choose who to chat with one-on-one and in groups • Meet new friends and characters with similar interests in the app store's largest sim game • Design an infinite number of rooms for play, chat or just plain fun • Enjoy weekly content updates with new art and events There's always room in Highrise. See you soon. :) P.S. Follow us on Instagram @highrise.



  • Fun to make time go by but... THEM KIDS!

    By Ammalaaay
    I played a lot of MMO(RPG)s, Habbo, Runescape, etc., but phew.. Those kids post some crazy things on their timelines. Borderline nudity if you ask me lol. This game needs to be 18+.
  • Help me

    By Nessa189
    I am not even getting notifications when someone texted
  • The best game ever!

    By miawiesnerr
    I love this game it’s really creative, you can trade, at first this was a little bit difficult for me but I have some practice and I’m good now so thanks for this game ❤️
  • I can’t update the beta highrise

    By i got reported fo no reason
    I can’t go on Highrise two because it wants me to update it and then I come here to update it and it won’t let me cause it’s not in my country or region it says so I can’t play highrise two because I can’t update it and it is getting annoying
  • My thoughts on HR

    By TQ Dynasty
    I’m so glad I got this app because you can get to met wonderful individual and make friends you other wise would not have and my username is TQshadowtigress
  • disaster

    By hammy402
    i hate that a game as cute as this went down terribly. the money in this game is so expensive and it is a extremely hard to earn it yourself without paying. if you don’t have 50 epics then nobody pays attention to you. there’s way too much cyber bullying on here and people on this game are literally 20+ and i thought this was a game for a little bit of a younger audience (12-18 as it says 12+ in the recommendation) but everybody on this game is literally 20 or older and if your “underage” people treat you like garbage. this isn’t imvu or tindr, so i don’t understand why people are treating the game like this.. i used to love this game so much but it is literally so DIFFICULT and i wasted so much money and i’m about to quit. a lot of accounts are getting hacked and it’s just a whole mess. i’m so sorry 😐
  • Pretty good

    By candy321870
    Ok I love the app. Ok um... lol I think it was probably meant for young people at the beginning that’s why there’s no word filter in the rooms but that’s fine I’m actually kinda like that. I love how many great outfits there are. I’m trying to find some adorable fishnet jeans right now even though I’m probably to broke for them anyways. My dream item is demon buddy but if I want that I gotta warn up or just pay u know. Anyways it’s a great app I love how they do the events even though I’m terrible at them. Amazing people in the crews. I also love the all the unique games that you can play in game rooms. But It GLITCHES all the time though. Do many times people will crash in the middle of a game. I’m glad they got the glitch fixed recently of ware you can’t tap people to look at their profile or whatever I dunno. It gets a little boring after a while cause most rooms are booming with “HMU” “pm for rp” “sf” “recent” that kinda stuff which is really annoying and it’s like super hard to start an actual conversation. So it’s pretty boring until once in a while you’ll come across a really cheap item like I got septum piercing for 50g when it usually goes for like 190 or so. Or you have a good convo with somebody but I would recommend it it’s a pretty fun game to play. LUV
  • A brand new review, + tips for those considering getting into this game.

    By Mill154
    First of all, the most important question. Despite whatever those stars are, would I recommend it? The answer is yes, and here's why. Despite the few complaints you're probably going to hear if you read all of this essay, Highrise is a wonderful game. The developers handled a recent set of bugs immediately and very effectively. The game runs smoothly on an up to date device, and most importantly of all, the community. The community of Highrise is wonderful. Will you meet some unpleasant people, some scammers, and some who are just cruel? Yes, without a doubt, but that's no surprise for a game like this. Overall, the community is lovely and kind. I've made some great friends and memories, and have yet to spend a penny in in-app-purchases. (I'm sorry devs, I love you dearly and you do great, but I cannot afford to put money into this game at this point in time.) Are you downloading it yet? Good. Once you get out of the tutorial, you'll probably want to get rid of that newcomer flag, but don't. Honestly this community is usually so fantastic, just let them know you're new. Ask questions, ask for tips. As long as you don't beg for "donations" or immediately start asking other players for items and gold because your new, you're not going to have any problems with them. I wouldn't recommend pouring too much money into it, in all honesty. Not that it isn't well backed up and safe, but that it's not worth it. The only negative thing about this game is that it's often a bit greedy. It may take a while, but you'll get the gold you need to get started if you watch your spending. Once you start selling and trading items you'll have no issue earning money. There's also a very lovely art community and if there's one thing HR users love, it's portraits, and we'll usually gladly pay for commissions if you show some art and fair prices in your "newsfeed". With that said, let's move on to the developers. Highrise is fantastic. It's a lovely game, even if a bit money-hungry at times. You've improved the pay-to-win situation a bit with the addition of daily rewards and free grab tokens, but it's still a bit unfair most of the time. You did a good job, I love the game. Now, here's some complaints and suggestions. • Here's the most important piece of feedback you're gonna get from this, Highrise. We never stopped wanting the old storefront back. Honestly, I like the new one, but it's not the same. Can't we have slots that are up for debate and trade, and slots that are set prices like the old times? It could be an efficient mixture. • Building is fantastic and bubbles are easy to come by, but the removal of trading those items is still ridiculous and the biggest reason I left years ago (and am only just coming back). Why do I have to get and give designer and mod rights to and from friends just to give them an item for a room? Why can't I buy a new player a bubble clothing item they can't yet afford? I don't get it, it was an unnecessary move in my opinion, and probably always will be. • I know it'd be a bit of work but honestly, how complicated would a borrowing system be? It'd stop so much of the scams that occur because of this tactic. I see too many try to be nice and give players the benefit of the doubt and lose their items forever. It's a great game, and you should give it a go.
  • I love this game💕

    By charisma claytonC
    I love this game I play it about everyday the only thing I wish was that is was easy to get gold and the grabs was a little bit cheaper but I love the game anyway.
  • Fix your app

    By Emostar19
    fix your app or I will delete it its having problems and it had been since yesterday morning its still not fixed.