Preschool & Kindergarten learning kids games free

Preschool & Kindergarten learning kids games free

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Over 15,000,000 kids around the world get fun playing Kids Academy apps! +++++ Featured by The Guardian +++++ Based on the program created by educational experts, Kids Academy develops spelling, writing and reading skills through fascinating games! This app is created to make fun more educational! The app goes beyond simply great graphics and beautiful music by engaging children to learn preschool basics through intriguing game play. Toddlers will start with easy tracing by collecting fireflies in a jar and will move gradually to tracing requiring more developed fine-motor skills. The basic skills in this app are foundations for reading, writing and arithmetic operations. Appropriate hints are provided to support your children as they practice and build their skills. +++Features+++ * Curriculum developed and reviewed by preschool education expert * Delightful animations will help your children learn letters and words in a fun and engaging way * Frequent repetition designed to help children learn numbers and their sequence * Aligned to Kindergarten Reading Foundation skills of Common Core Standards * Animated flashcards to teach your kids letters and words * A rich, exploratory environment filled with surprises * Funny, bright, creative artwork * Your children can interact with the app at their own pace …and more! Set the stage for reading success with this delightfully interactive educational app!



  • I got ripped off!

    By CLPmay1960
    I paid money to unlock features that didn’t work! Now I’m stuck with the bill that I have to pay for an app that doesn’t work!
  • Nothing special

    By Lil'flower
    This is ok game. Definitely not worth $15 I paid. Some shapes are incorrectly pronounced. There are plenty free games out there that are more helpful than this one. For this kind of money I expected much higher level of education than this. I want my money back.
  • Keeps wanting me to rebuy

    By kates0616
    I just bought this app and both my daughter and I are annoyed by the constant request for in app purchases. We have access to all the capitalized letters but every time she finishes tracing a letter it requests that she buy more games and then completely kicks her out. So to choose the next letter she has to go back into the game and pick again. Seriously developers?! Fix this! I will not be purchasing more within the app or recommending it if you continue this type of practice.
  • Good app but made me pay twice

    By johnyan77
    I bought this app for my son to use a couple years ago, and now all of a sudden this year I no longer can access the locked areas of this app and was forced to purchase it again. In the end the app is good but the business practices of this company is bad.
  • Great app for preschoolers

    By M.A.Young
    This app is great for kids learning how to correctly write letters and numbers. My four year old son can navigate this app by himself and it allows him to enjoy time working on his writing. He sometimes drags his feet when I want him to practice on paper but since this is on my iPad he thinks it is pretty fun. I have him use a stylus to make it feel more real ;) I definitely recommend this app for parents who want their kids to practice writing letters and numbers (and it helps with recognition too). My son likes it, I like it so it's a win-win. He doesn't realize it's homework haha. And the customer service is great! I ran into a glitch at the beginning but I emailed them and they were quick to resolve this issue for me. I would definitely buy more apps from this maker in the future.
  • good

    By nga121212
    My son is very interested in this game. He opens it every day. Now he has already learned by heart all shapes in this game. Thanks for your great job
  • 200 lessons?

    By Bee0512
    When I decided to spend $15.99 it was because the description stated my child will have access to over $200 lessons..... there are barely 50. I'm going to try and reinstall this app and if I don't see 200 lessons, I'm having Amex dispute the charge.
  • It is worthy

    By NTTam69
    After considering some educational applications, I got this one. Overall, it seems good for kids, with it, they not only relax, but they also practice some interesting knowledge. If I were you, I will pick up it for kid right now.
  • Nice app !!

    By MiddleTen
    This app very fun, with this app I can play it all day, it make me comfortable and forget stress. If you have stress let play this to entertain. Thank and let's develop this game better.
  • A very useful game for children

    By bessonla
    I really appreciate this game, the game helps kids more active and flexible in life. I was very excited because there is a wonderful application as this. I was very relieved and happy about the app, I have voted for the app five stars