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Tone & Sculpt is a health and fitness-based app, helping hundreds of thousands of women around the world reach their goals. Join now and get your first 7 DAYS FREE! Designed by Krissy Cela who has successfully built a community of strong and powerful women; encouraging them to lead a healthier lifestyle. Real Women, Real Results – 1 App. The app has been designed to help women of all backgrounds, shapes and sizes. Tone & Sculpt promotes a healthy balanced lifestyle showcasing the importance of nutrition and catering to you personally. Key Features: - Gym & Home Guides designed to help women build lean muscle through a combination of resistance and body weight training - 15 Minute Workouts - Beginner Workouts - Workout Videos including how-to methods - Weight Tracker including the ability to record progress and add notes to your exercises - Offline Mode with the ability to save your workouts when no connection is available - Challenges for you to push yourself and try with friends - Custom Meal Plans including Standard, Pescatarian, Vegetarian and Vegan - Step-by-step recipes for meals specifically to fit within your recommended calorie range - Shopping list to show what’s needed for your weekly meal plans - Documentation on nutrition background, supplements and training Subscription Tone & Sculpt is free to download and offers your first 7 days free. Subscription renews automatically unless cancelled at least 24 hours prior to the end of the subscription period. Subscriptions can be managed and auto-renewal turned off in Account Settings within iTunes after purchase. Once purchased, no refunds will be provided for any unused portion of the term. Terms and Conditions -



  • Love it!

    By Dietitianapproved
    Love the app! Easy to follow along and delicious meals to go with it! Great vegan & vegetarian options too. There are meals that are so easy for busy days and others that take a little more time! Great to fit any lifestyle.
  • Room for improvement

    By Dreamstatecangetit
    I love the concept the app and wanted to support our main girly Krissy, BUT it fell short for me. The workout videos were a nice touch, but the written instructions were full of typos or hard to understand, or in one case was just for the wrong exercise. It’s important to note that Krissy isn’t a certified trainer, nor does the app seem to indicate a certified trainer is doing the programming. The nutrition function was dreadful, despite the fact that Krissy has hired a nutritionist for this. Super basic “meat, carb, side of veg” meals you definitely don’t need inspiration to come up with. The instructions were bare “cook the fish, cook the rice” without any real timelines or instructions, and the measurements don't translate for us U.S. girls, so have fun buying things by the gram. I think for the recipe section to be more user friendly there should be better instructions, more interesting meal ideals, and a “meal prep” option. As it is the “do it for me” meal plan button gives you a total of 21 recipes and a baffling 80+ item shopping list for one week. With some changes I think this app could be really amazing, but there are still too many functional kinks for me to really use at this point. Maybe I’ll try again sometime down the line!
  • Great fitness guide but with many bugs!

    By RishelleRose
    This app is everything that I know that I need as of now! It’s structured well to be able to follow along a fitness program and almost have a personal trainer right on your phone. I also really like the nutrition aspect because there are meals and recipes that I can use! I gave the app three stars because of the glitches and bugs and as well as the little customization of the nutrition. The only part is that the meals aren’t that customizable - in my case I chose the standard nutrition but I don’t like fish and many of the recipes are fish. The other thing I’ve noticed is the app crashes a lot. I had to turn my phone on and off for it to work again. There are a lot of bugs that I have noticed and hopefully in time these will be fixed. I definitely think that the app is great regardless of the bugs. It’s a little more difficult to use because of the bugs but I’m still hopeful! I am excited to see results!
  • Love Except for Shopping List

    By GreenDan🏸💚
    I love the app! The only improvement could be in the shopping list. I wish everything was sectioned off. For example: produce, protein, grains etc. It gets annoying to scroll up and down to see if I got all the produce or all the protein. An extra step I’ve taken is to just organize it on a list by hand instead of using the app but I feel like that defeats the purpose. Once that’s fixed up, 5 stars!
  • Awesome workouts, nutrition section lacking

    By Lord Beatriz
    I really love the structure and presentation of the workout plans. They are challenging but not over doing it. I also enjoy I can log my weights with notes and it keeps a history of what I have done. Workout plan yes, love it. Now, the nutrition portion I HATE how the shopping list is done. “Dark soy sauce 2 tbps” ???? I understand that this is how much I need for the week but this information is useless when shopping. I would prefer if it would tell me 1 bottle of soy sauce, 2 chicken breast, or even a bag of chia seeds. Telling me the grams needed does not work effectively. Also, I hate how all the produce is scattered around. Having to scroll up and done making sure I got all the vegetables I needed is annoying. If the shopping list was organized by sections it would be more user friendly. All the vegetables lump together, all the meats lumped together. That way when I’m in that section in the grocery store it’s easier for me to cross reference what I need and got. Some of the items listed my local grocery stores does not carry it. I enjoy how I can switch meals to accommodate my taste and food options available. Overall, I plan to continue using the app and I look forward to more improvements. Thanks Krissy Cela :)
  • Love this app!

    By Claudiah1212
    When I turned 40, I began to struggle with my weight. I tried running 3-4 times per week, it helped me maintain my weight but I was not seeing any results. It was extremely difficult for me to gain muscle mass and I was losing motivation. My daughter, who also follows Krissy told me to follow her on Instagram last December so I did. Once the Tone & Sculpt app came out, I downloaded it and got to work. I can honestly say that there’s no way I could have obtained such results without Krissy and the app. It’s like having a personal trainer right at your finger tips. Thank you Tone & Sculpt and Krissy for inspiring me and giving me the hope I needed. #Tone&Sculpt #41neverfeltsogood #bodytransformation
  • BEST

    By kathe lim
    All kinds of workout on here.

    By Jordan Levush
    Been using this app almost since it came out (33 weeks). I love not having to think of my workout, it’s all right there for me. It’s easy to follow, teaches me things, and makes me want to workout. Very well designed and organized and so easy to use!!! And Krissy is so supportive. You’ve just got to join the community.
  • Great app! Could use more revamp in Nutrition

    By viciousging3r
    I’ve been a long time follower of Krissy from her Instagram and YouTube channels. She has a great attitude and a thoughtful approach on fitness + wellness. I just recently downloaded the app a couple months back and have used it off and on (mainly for workouts). As much as I love the nutrition section for recipe ideas, I don’t necessarily think the weekly shopping list and meal schedule is realistic for everyone. By selecting “do it for me!” you are creating a shopping list with 80+ different ingredients and products for a week’s worth of food. I understand not all the ingredients need to be purchased weekly (mainly condiments) but to purchase certain items just to use only 1 piece of or a fairly small amount during the week seems wasteful and expensive. What I would love to see is an option for meal prepping. Busy individuals such as myself who enjoy making large batches of healthy, delicious meals to eat throughout the week, featuring a condensed list of what to buy and how much of it. As of now, I technically could select several of the same meals for each day of the week and then regenerate the shopping list, but the task is a bit tedious to do every day of every week. Krissy has even said in her YouTube videos that she batch cooks on Sundays and Wednesday’s to save time throughout the week! Would love to see utilized in the app.
  • Canceling payment

    By mackenziecolorado5
    This is not a review just a question! How do I delete this app? I tried the 7 day free trial and loved it but I wanted to cancel due to extenuating circumstances and can’t figure out how?