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The Get WIRED app is the one-stop destination for stories from WIRED magazine,, and exclusive WIRED events. APP FEATURES * Favorites allow you to collect articles into your own favorite category * Search keywords and reports to get directly to what you're looking for * Support for sign in with Google for subscriptions *Almost all of the magazine and is published to the app. *Non-subscribers may access a limited number of articles each month. *Use the Events tab to get information on upcoming events as well as articles on past events. *Visit the Experimental tab for access to exclusive stories and digital experiences. *Download the WIRED Magazine app for access to the digital-replica version of the magazine.



  • It’s pathetic

    By Ozmirage
    . . . to see how well Wired’s writers do their jobs, and how their IT department lets them down. “Watch a video with our Editor-in-chief!” How? there’s no link. “Read our library of great stories past!” How? there’s no search function! This lamer is owned by Condé Nast, right? Who also own The New Yorker Today, the best-integrated print/online operation on earth! What is UP with GetWired??
  • This App is Amazons market place

    By Zataras777
    This app is a brain wash for Amazons market place. First thing in the morning there’s at least five articles about Amazons products, and you can’t turn off Gear from the feed. This is just aggressive sales strategies since we are already paying to read Wired’s content.
  • Constantly requires that you log in

    By Muskatinho
    Never seen an app from an established company that is incapable of remembering your credentials and is always requiring that you log in. Useless.
  • Articles not in App

    By DHN44060
    It doesn’t make a lot of sense that I have to leave the app and access my web browser in order to read an article. Of, when that happens, I have to login again.
  • iPad version?

    By molarian
    Installed on iPad, the page is smaller than this review window. Even after hitting the zoom button, it doesn’t fill the screen
  • Dark Mode FTW

    By I’m One Of Them
    Recently subscribed after picking up phy copies locally. This is best way to consume WIRED! However it lacks Dark Mode. Flagship iPhones are packed with OLED screen now so an OLED Mode would be awesome (for the eye).
  • No search ability

    By Miss Guidas
    The UI is great but why is there no search capability? If I see a nod to a Wired article elsewhere, I’d like to be able find it on the app, even if it’s not a featured story.
  • Add font size options = 5 stars

    By jalton
    Finally the excellent journalism of Wired available on a mobile-first app. Needs font sizing opinions (and black-screen option?) for a full 5 stars.
  • really?

    By brazil_2
    is this a joke? no search function for content? also no way to log in to keep track of your bookmarked articles? as a UX designer, i know they can do better.
  • bigger font sizes please

    By MStyleFTW
    Bigger font sizes option = 5 stars.