Klondike Adventures

Klondike Adventures


  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-04-04
  • Current Version: 1.35.1
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 155.84 MB
  • Developer: VIZOR APPS CORP.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0.2 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 22,653 Ratings


Travel to the time of Gold Rush with Klondike Adventures! Explore the wild territories of Alaska together with valiant Kate and adventure-savvy Paul. Build a strong and prosperous city in these vast cold lands! Klondike world is full of exciting expeditions, hidden treasures, great opportunities, and challenging quests! - Welcome to the gold rush era! Go on expeditions to the North and become a true adventurer. - Complete challenging and yet enjoyable quests! Help explorers Kate and Paul solve mysteries of the locals. - Turn a deserted station into a flourishing city! Build factories, mine for resources and craft everything you need for expeditions and quests. - Start your own farm in the wild! Raise animals and harvest crops to make food and clothing for yourself and to trade with the locals. - Enjoy the breathtaking scenery and landscapes! Every corner is packed with wonders and mysteries! - Meet outstanding characters and hear their compelling stories during your journeys! The wild lands of Alaska hold many secrets and thrilling adventures. Play Klondike Adventures now and enjoy your Gold Rush experience! Terms of Use: https://vizor-interactive.com/documents/klondike-mobile/eula_appstore.html



  • Starting to wear thin with energy costs.

    By RCJ2014
    This game was a solid 4 stars with me until the last few days. The current event is bogus!! Needing to use 500 energy to clear a half inch of the map is bogus or you should give players much more energy. Same thing kinda happened on the quests as well. Trying to clear all the minerals and rocks to get the bonuses but you gotta chop through several hundred energy on rocks and trees you don’t need to get there. Lower the costs to clear land!! Better yet increase the max energy storage with EVERY time you level up!! I feel like where I’m at level 39 I should have at least 100 energy max cap. I know you want people to buy energy with their real money. But the way it’s been going lately seems just greedy. I watch your ads and videos so your making revenue off of that. Make it worth my continuing to play since I’ve long since finished finished the main land quests. Also need more than 8 standard chickens and more greenhouses than offered. I’ll watch ads to get bonuses but I will not spend real money on a novelty game!! Make some improvements or this game will go the way that most other games go... delete delete delete
  • Loved it at the beginning

    By Oiler101
    Good game and had high hopes. Of course nothing works out for me. Game gets to a level where you are just waiting for energy to replenish. And when you log back on to do something, one or two taps later your out of energy. Do yourselves a favor and skip unless money is not an option.
  • They only want your money

    By Gamer4life7!
    You can’t get through a special island with out a lot of money. You also can’t get all the quest in the level with out spending money. This is another rigged game
  • Love this game, but...

    By Beloved490
    1. Current event (Twilight Forest) is glitching where an area of the map will not reveal even after having cleared the entire previous area. Cannot move forward at all and wasted about 400 energy trying to clear everything just to open up the next area that WON’T OPEN. I’m actually writing this review to try to get attention so I can continue in the event. 2. There is a huge disparity between what resources are needed to produce products and what you can actually grow vs. resources for which you need to use the very very limited energy you accrue (i.e. you need fire and water for EVERYTHING but it’s really hard to get coal to make fire, and you need cotton for EVERYTHING in the spinnery, but it takes 3 hours to grow and you can grow at max 40 every three hours without using emeralds). There needs to be MUCH better balance of resources needed and what can actually be used to advance in level. This is a great game if the developers would be more willing to convert coins into energy or something actually useful. I currently have 300,000+ coins and nothing to use them on.
  • Add more

    By Bri1222222
    I love the game... I wish they have the game like they have Facebook, or that we could visit more friends, have more options to get more gems, OR MORE GAMES LIKE THIS
  • Love the game!

    By LadyHawkT
    Love the game. . . . But, there is always a but. Suffice to say, the game is fun, challenging and entertaining, however, the ships to earn tools or supplies, demand too many of one item or a combination of items requiring you use one item to make another, case in point, cargo requested, pumpkins, and pumpkin pie, it’s very hard to grow enough pumpkins to make pies and keep pumpkins in stock when they take so long to grow, and use so many to make a pie, quite frankly and I have done this, one pumpkin in real life can make many pies, so one pie is sufficient for making a pie. Windows, tables, beds, require 3 to 4 bells? Really? What’s the logic behind that? I am giving this game 4 stars because it needs to realistic goals, pretending is fine in a game, but when it becomes so illogical you shake your head and try patiently waiting to meet goals without spending real money to move things along, then-it becomes boring because game time decreases and you move on to something new. I am almost at that point, but hoping my review will open a few eyes and the game will get a few updates that make more fun and less time wasting. Thanks for listening, adventure is fun in a game, frustration is not.
  • I love this game but....

    By Joleenjoleenjoleeennn
    I’ve been playing this game for a few months now. I love the game, it’s got a super cute concept...but just like everyone else, the lack of energy leaves me often feeling frustrated. For the most part, I managed fine when it comes to energy for the basic story line. But when it comes to events you almost have to buy gems to complete them. The twilight forest event is going on right now, and at first I was optimistic! There were plenty of sources for energy around. However, the further you get you need more and more energy. And it’s not easy to come by. I even spent money on gems yesterday. It gave me around 2,000 in energy and I didn’t even get 1/4 of the way through the maze. All because everything costs so much energy. This game has so much potential, but the developers continue to be greedy with energy despite 90% of these comments stating the lack of play time because of lack of energy brings the whole game down.
  • Expensive

    By LovePeace17
    I really wanted to give this game more stars however, after spending so many $$$.$$,in such a short period of time I cannot do it. I was so pleased to find this game on my electronic device after playing it many years ago on my laptop. It just takes to much money to move forward and enjoy. It’s a great game otherwise.
  • Pay for play

    By DMxx
    I loved the look and feel of this game, but after a few weeks of fairly dedicated play, I simply found it too difficult to keep up with production and progress without paying. Energy is linked to exploration and coins to farming. I’m very happy to voluntarily watch ads when they’re available in order to progress (the creators deserve their revenue), but the opportunity didn’t really arise often enough. Besides, ads only really provide building resources and energy. I could never afford to buy anything without any offer of coins; only just enough to keep up with the cost of farming. Sad to delete, but the slow progress just isn’t worth it for me.
  • Scam

    By 0100100100101
    Was fun for a while, but realized that I was being charged $29.97 for emeralds that were priced as $9.99 on the app!