Road Trip Planner™

Road Trip Planner™

By William Modesitt

  • Category: Travel
  • Release Date: 2016-03-31
  • Current Version: 4.7.40
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 8.24 MB
  • Developer: William Modesitt
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.3 or later.
Score: 4
From 1,655 Ratings


Place pins on a worldwide map for each location you want to visit, then see your route. Enter trip details for each location and create a complete trip itinerary. Multiple sample files are available, including an informative Route 66 sample file. You can demo this app by downloading our free RTP Viewer app. RPT Viewer is virtually identical to this app except with RTP Viewer you can’t save your edits. MAP PINS HOLD WHAT YOU NEED. Each pin shows: - arrival date & time - departure date & time - travel time to this location - time spent at this location - name of pin (such as John’s house) - address of pin - notes and images - custom pin color and icon - URL for related information - URL for related images - weather reports - transport type (driving or walking) - Internet Search results - list of activities (lodging, sights to see, etc.) - choose between multiple routes (if available) - view driving distance between pins, driving time, fuel cost, travel advisories, turn-by-turn driving directions - Export pin data to your calendar. EACH PIN CAN HAVE MANY ACTIVITIES. For each activity you can record: - name of activity - activity date, time and duration - cost - phone - FAX - address - URL - email address - confirmation number - notes - picture There are two types of pins. Route Pins are used to create the route. POI Pins mark points of interest on the map. Choose between Apple Maps or OpenStreet Maps. Cache non-Apple maps to disk for offline use. See the settings and Help for more info. For air and rail routes a straight line can be displayed between pins. Add, remove or rearrange the pins in any order you wish. Routes and pins can be sent to Apple Maps. Import and export GPX data files. Each trip can be saved as a separate document. Perfect for anyone who wants to maintain a record of past trips. VIEW YOUR TRIP ON YOUR MAC with our Road Trip Planner app available from the Mac App Store. Send location data to Road Trip Planner directly from any of our location-savvy apps. THE ITINERARY HOLDS ALL OF THE DETAILS. Share it and take it with you. - print the itinerary or share it easily - includes a map image with pins and routes, activities for each Route Pin, costs for each activity, total fuel cost, total trip cost, information for Points of Interest Pins, and driving instructions. USE THE TO-DO CHECKLIST. Make sure you don’t forget anything. Development is very active and we have many more features planned. We respond quickly to suggestions and questions in our forum. PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION OR AN ISSUE. We promise we'll respond as quickly as we can. For more info visit the Road Trip Planner web site at PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE PURCHASING: The mapping and routing functionality Road Trip Planner uses is based upon Apple’s maps technology. If Apple Maps cannot find a route between map pins, then neither can Road Trip Planner. Please test the area you wish to travel using Apple’s Maps app to ensure that the area can be routed. If it cannot be routed, please submit the issue to Apple. If Apple Maps cannot perform routing in the area you wish to travel then neither can Road Trip Planner.



  • RTP

    By Ipsaman
    I used this app for my 13,000 mile trip across the USA. I loved it.
  • Too complicated

    By privacyguy
    Bought this app to plan a big road trip. No real instructions given and I am not willing to keep trying things to see what they do. Others seem to have more patience than I. Also seems to be geared to those with RV’s. Should be simple.
  • Not worth the money

    By mark in tn
    Difficult to use, does not help plan stops, streets and trips this not. So I put a start in TN, stop in WY, could not add way points, on the route, wants to place them on end. Lacks Forrest service roads until at such a close scale to be unusable.
  • Can't keep path in blue ridge parkway

    By travt57
    Have to put waypoints every 10mi to keep trip on the parkway. Otherwise it won't let me choose it as a route option.
  • this app is junk

    By anthonypesa
    It will not let me create a route I want my money back this is the dumbest app I've ever seen
  • Wish I could use this app between my iPad Pro and iPhone 10X tho...

    By Connect Leader
    Wish I could use this app between my iPad Pro and iPhone 10X tho...
  • My 2-word review: Poor workflows!

    By EddyGeez!
    I just bought the Mac and iOS apps. I already covered the lack of real iCloud syncing in my Mac App Store review, so I won’t cover it here other than to say moving trips between iPhone, iPad and the Mac is a pain. RTP definitely does what it claims (meaning it will let you effectively plan a road trip), but the workflows to do it are downright painful. For example, these are the steps to add a route pin: 1) tap the + icon. A new menu appears. 2) tap “New Route Pin” (why isn’t there an edit mode where these are two separate icons?!) A new menu appears. (Not kidding!) 3) choose “Address” (again, why aren’t obscure options like “from Contacts” hidden under a long-press?!) 4) Finally on a search screen, type “smithsonian”. 5) from the list, tap “Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum”. 6) watch in amazement AS A ROUTE PIN IS ADDED THAT DOESN’T INCLUDE THE NAME OF THE PLACE YOU JUST SEARCHED FOR! No joke. It adds a pin with a title that is the address! So now, let’s say you just want to change the name of that pin. Ready? 1) tap the pin. 2) tap the callout that appears for the pin. 3) tap the icon in the toolbar that looks like a pushpin 4) tap the words that say “Edit Pin Name”. 5) in the tiny dialog window that appears, edit the name. 6) tap the “OK” button. Why you can’t just tap on the title and edit it directly on the information screen that opens when you tap the callout is beyond me... The app may have a lot of functionality, but as I’ve demonstrated above, the workflows are PAINFUL. Common tasks should not require so many taps. There should be separate icons for adding a route pin and a POI pin. Uncommon options should be hidden behind long-presses, not in a menu I have to choose from EVERY TIME. I was hoping that native iOS/Mac apps would be better, but it looks like I’ll be sticking with the Furkot web site (which is fantastic, but only on the web) for my trip planning.
  • Not really user friendly

    By KooKooToo
    I just want to pick up an ap and have it start to produce results. A tutorial is offered but also not a flowing help. KP
  • Confused

    By river10845
    Created pin but can’t get route from location to pin
  • No iCloud sync

    By Gearloose2013
    The good: it’s pay-once. It uses Apple Maps data, which is actually decent and improving all the time. Trip plans are entirely private too. It will make a printable itinerary that might be useful. The distinction between POIs and waypoints is useful. Very helpfully it can export pins to Apple or Google Maps. The meh: POIs names should be automatically chosen with more smarts or be editable. Picking a POI of Arches national park shouldn’t say Moab, UT, for instance. You can annotate it in a small caption underneath. The bad: it’s impossible to collaborate on plans. This alone forces us to not use the app. It only supports exporting and importing a trip document file. While you can export it to iCloud and share from the Files app, the other people only get a copy of the file, and they don’t access the same file live as others may make changes. Furthermore it has bugs around reimporting an exported file, because it can’t handle files with the same name. The imported file doesn’t show up in its file list reliably. This is probably great for a one-person planned trip but there’s no ability to collaborate. Tossing a file back and forth would be very tedious and prone to errors.